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The Investment Game


Simple 'game' that offers shares from 10 companies at 2017 prices. Which one should you invest in? Can you reduce your risk by spreading your investment? More detailed instructions can be found below.

The companies are fictitious – the prices are very loosely based on actual stock prices for the period.

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The Investment Game

The table and graph show the value of 10 company shares over 5 years. Click on the table to see information on each company.

Work in pairs. If you are in a class don't give away which shares you choose but do tell everybody how much money you have made or lost!

  • Imagine you have £10,000 to invest and decide which company's shares to buy in 2017.
  • Click on your company and click on the Invest £10000 button.
  • The app will show you what happens to your investments between 2017 and years…

Discuss what you have learned. If you are part of a class, find out from each pair how much money they have made. How great is the risk of losing money?

  • Imagine you had divided the £10,000 equally across 5 of the shares (without knowing how they would perform) - the next round of the game will let you try this.

…and discuss further. Was this more or less profitable than choosing one share? What about the risks?

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