Image of book cover for 'Learning and Teaching for Mathematical Literacy'

Learning and Teaching for Mathematical Literacy

Supporting materials

This site contains supporting material such as up-to-date web links, enlarged images and video for the book Learning and Teaching for Mathematical Literacy (ISBN 9781032301174).


Chapter 1 – What is mathematical literacy?

Chapter 2 – The power of tasks

Chapter 3 – Teaching for mathematical literacy

Chapter 4 – How risky is life?

Chapter 5 – Climate change

Chapter 6 – Planning for enjoyment of life

Chapter 7 – Looking past the spin

Chapter 8 – Equality and inequality

Chapter 9 – Your money in your life

Chapter 10 – Computers in the teaching of mathematical literacy

Chapter 11 – The value of curiosity

Chapter 12 – Designing measures

Chapter 13 – Mathematics for information technology

Chapter 14 – Reflections

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